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This post is about Employee Timesheet Template. Making sure time sheets are provided to employees and filled in regularly, is a fundamental business related activity. Time is money, literally and figuratively. Monitoring the time, employees have spent working, on leave, and unpaid leave is a critical undertaking of any business owner or employer. Time is a key way of evaluating the contribution, and employees make to the business.

For monitoring and evaluation purposes, one also has to consider the nature of contracts, i.e., is the employee permanent or part-time. These days the face of the typical enterprise is changing as well since many employees are no longer working on the site, but remotely and now one has freelancers and others also contributing to the cumulative working hours of the organization.

Download Timesheet Template for Excel

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For small and medium enterprises starting out – every dime counts and thus money spent needs to be correlated with working hours. Also, one can help familiarize one’s employees with structure, management, and accountability through the use of excel timesheet templates. At many companies, even permanent staff are encouraged to fill in timesheet templates in excel formats, to promote a culture of efficiency and time management.

How to Use above Timesheet Template For Excel?

Working out the numbers of hours, one’s employees have spent, and their corresponding salaries does not have to be complex at all, and templates can simplify the process considerably. In the timesheet template, we’ve provided – we have two worksheets.

In the first timesheet template, all the inputs you will need to fill in are in blue, everything else including the calendar is either calculated or updated automatically. This first sheet has space for you to enter your company name, all the employee’s relevant details whose time you are recording, additionally, you can also select whether they are permanent, part-time, on contract, freelancing or a consultant.

This selection will help direct your weekly hourly expectations. Based on the inputs, an evaluation is conducted which tells you whether or not the employee met the expected hours. There is also two visual charts provided, one which shows visually some hours spent on site versus some hours the employee spent working remotely from home for the company. The other chart shows the total hours worked (onsite and remote) versus the total hours spent away from the enterprise (regarding paid leave, unpaid leave, vacations and other time spent away)

The second timesheet template is a daily log sheet, which looks at the daily breakdown of activities regarding hours devoted to each activity. This goes hand in hand with the weekly structure expected. One can also select the type of contract, as for the first sheet. On the second daily timesheet for excel, all the inputs needed are in blue, the gray activity hours are calculated automatically.

Using Employee Timesheet Template, remember:-

  • The organization, time management, and productivity go hand in hand.
  • It is important to not just look at the hours spent physically at work, but also evaluate the qualitative perspective, as in what was completed during those hours.
  • Distribute timesheets on a regular basis, to ensure data integrity and accurate collation of data.
  • Make sure the hourly expectations matches the contract type.
  • Make sure the activities conducted for each hour paid, matches the contract type.