Free Time Card Calculator and Timesheet Calculator For Excel

This Time Card Calculator spreadsheet allows one to record all the details of one’s employee such as their name, address and primary mode of contact. It allows one to enter the date the employee started working for one’s company and the current date is automatically calculated. The total time worked for the company is also automatically calculated once the start date is entered and delivered in days. The net work days are also calculated automatically from the inputs given.

Using this Timesheet Excel Template, one can enter a date in the table provided and the day of the week is automatically calculated once the date is entered. The employee will enter the time in, time out, the starting time of the lunch hour, the ending hour of lunch, and the total hours worked for that particular date will then be automatically calculated.

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How to Use Time Card Calculator?

This post is dedicated for using and downloading time card calculator in excel. Time management skills are critical for employees, of any developing or already established company or small business. Ensuring that employees receive the proper training and guidance on time management skills and techniques can help them meet deadlines, manage their workload and ensure that they make the most of the hours, they are at work.

There are some things an employer can do, to start inculcating a culture of effective time management in his/her company. One of the first things to establish, at the most basic level, is recording and documenting the hours worked. Recording the total weekly hours worked, the number of hours spent overtime, on lunch and off time, can give a much needed quantitative snapshot of the time an employee spends at work.

The total regular hours worked for the week is automatically calculated based on the inputs in the table, the overtime hours need to be entered manually, as do the off-time hours. The overall total weekly hours worked is then calculated automatically. A visual representation of regular hours worked versus the time taken off is also given in the doughnut chart. This chart displays the visual overview of the regular hours worked and the time taken off, so the employer can quickly see if there is an issue.

Points to Remember while using Time Card Calculator:

  • Encourage employees to start thinking about their time spent at work, their number of overtime hours and their number of hours taken off.
  • Emphasize the techniques needed for effective time management.
  • Encourage employees to delegate where necessary, when working in a team, time management and being a team player goes hand in hand.
  • Teach employees to prioritize tasks.
  • Create a goal driven environment so that employees link their time spent to goals achieved.
  • Once you’ve established a quantitative level of evaluating employee performance, look at developing the qualitative perspective.
  • Once you’ve started establishing a culture of time management in your company, look at productivity profiles of your entire organization overall, and how you can perhaps improve the entire company’s productivity.