Free College Budget Template for Microsoft Excel

Attending college is a major transition in life. Along with the independence, comes a lot of responsibility. College students have to juggle lectures, finances, and their social life. Finances especially can end up being a major headache. So, we have made an Excel template to make handling college finances and budgeting for the college lifestyle, simple and a breeze.

This college budget template in excel allows one to enter each source of income and expense and calculates summaries based on semesters. The college budget calculator also automatically delivers the highest annual income source and the highest annual, expense source. It also generates a motivational quote, ideal for inspiring one during those complicated financial periods in life. If you are feeling down, then be inspired by the words of Albert Einstein or Stephen Covey, which is automatically generated by this student budget template template.

But wait it does get better, the college budget template also tells one whether one needs to re-budget.

Download College Budget Template

College Budget Calculator

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About College Budget Calculator

Are juggling finances and the rest of your college life, giving you nightmares? Well, then this template will simplify your life and assist you with managing your finances.

How to Use College Budget Template?

  • In order for this college budget template to give you an accurate view of your budget, you need to be honest with your data entries. If you spend a certain amount on lifestyle expenses, input that exact amount. Don’t allow wishful thinking to dictate what you are entering, put the exact amounts actually spent.
  • You don’t have to do your finances alone, remember there are plenty of assistants available to you at your school or institution, with plenty of experience who you can call upon for help and assistance with budgeting. These people have years of experience and a knowledge base to draw on.
  • Try and gauge what has been spent and allocate future potential amounts, by evaluating past bills.
  • You don’t have to accept the first offer given to you in terms of rent, furniture etc. Get quotes, compare and then make the choice.
  • There are plenty of great second hand stores, where one can buy great second hand furniture and other needed items. Also keep an eye out for college notice boards and see what former students are selling. You can buy second hand books, and furniture from former students.
  • Try and not spend too much on food, but don’t compromise to the point where you don’t get all the required nutrients you need. Work out a meal plan that allows for the recommended daily nutrient intake, while still not costing an arm and a leg.
  • Try not to get into debt, remember everything comes with interest, so use credit cards sparingly.
  • Try to only lend money to people, if you really can afford to yourself.
  • Remember once you have done your budget in the template, try and stick to that budget.

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